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When in doubt:

What’s an appropriate wedding present when you don’t want to buy from a “registry”?

What are some ideas for a hostess present – other than wine?

What do you bring to a party of friends-of-friends when you don’t know them very well but find yourself invited?


The answer to all these questions – yes, even the one about wine – is Champagne.  From Champagne (the region in France from whence the lovely stuff gets its name).  It doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be authentic.  That’s not to say there aren’t lovely sparkling wines from all over the place – I’m overly find of proseco myself, and I haven’t met a cava I didn’t get along with swimmingly – but we’re talking about presents.

And presence: Champagne has it.  Even if you buy a bottle from the bottom of the sales rack, the name Champagne will have a slightly intoxicating effect in and of itself.  And isn’t that what a gift is for – to bring the recipient pleasure?  To express gratitude for an invitation and the lovely time to follow?

It may be silly to invest the name of a place or the products it produces with more power than they may deserve, but that’s human psychology.  And besides, we’re talking about party gifts here, right?  Not weighty stuff.  The wedding is a tad more serious, but I doubt you’ll be producing your gift during the ceremony itself.

Another great thing about Champagne is that even if the person doesn’t drink, it’s a fabulous re-gift.

Above all, it’s for celebration.  So relax.  Decide what you want to spend and then hit the liquor store.  Tell them your budget and stick to it.  You don’t need to wrap it, just slip a ribbon around its neck and tie it into a bow.




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