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A thought:

Paper plates.  Plastic cups.  Paper napkins.  Plastic straws.  Paper towels.  Single-serving plastic bowls.

All just dreadful.

And if you don’t think it’s dreadful, you can at least agree that it’s wasteful.

And I’m not talking merely from an environmental point of view – just in terms of money.  The amount of money it would take you to buy a decent (nice even) porcelain set, dishwasher friendly utensils, and cloth everything else  would be minimal, minuscule, in compared to the amount of money you’re spending on ready to be garbage garbage.

Why, taken all together, you’d even have enough left over to buy a nice sterling silver straw you could carry with you in a flannel pouch to delicately sip your 900 oz. sodas.

Please don’t complain about having to wash dishes, towels or napkins.  Get some self respect. You’ll find that’s absolutely free, and yet, priceless.


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