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A delightful inquiry:

I read your post about champagne…my question isn’t about etiquette probably, but what food goes with it.


I suppose there’s a question in there, but I can’t find the question mark, or the interrogation mark if you’d rather, or the eroteme if you must.  I hate to make assumptions, but I’m guessing your question is “With what food does one serve Champagne?”  Am I correct?


The answer is everything.  Champagne goes with every kind of food imaginable.  Sparkling wine enhances the flavor of delicate foods, cuts through the richness of bold ones and stands up perfectly to spicy dishes, like Thai, Chinese, Curry, Creole and Mexican.

And but of course your non-question is about etiquette.  Like Champagne, etiquette goes with everything.

So: The correct glass in which to serve Champagne is a cup, or coupe, the delicate little glasses modeled, it is (probably falsely) rumored to have been modeled on Marie Antoinette’s breast; or the flute, the tall stemmed narrow glass that shows off the bubbles.

At seated dinners, I prefer the coupe because I think it’s cute; at parties where people are milling about, flutes prevent spillage which the coupes practically guarantee.

In a pinch, Champagne can be served in a wine glass, but it’s going to resent you.

There are two correct ways of opening a Champagne bottle: The first is cleanly cutting the neck of the bottle off with a saber, the second is to ease the cork out by hand, or perhaps with the aid of a towel.  Popping the Champagne cork out is vulgar unless you’re a race car driver, victorious team, or Middle Eastern Princeling in a nightclub.

Champagne may also be properly smashed against a ship, but that always makes me sad.

The take home point is this: opened properly, and served in the right glass… from Cheetos to Caviar, Champagne goes with everything.

Oh, and one does indeed capitalize Champagne every time it’s written down, but only when referring to the place, or the product produced in, the Champagne region of France.

Not so much Caviar – I just do that because I’m excitable.


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