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A cry in the wilderness begs to know:

What do you think about a relatively famous social networking website?


What am I supposed to think?

On one hand, it appears to be a thoughtless jumble of unctuous platitudes, nauseating motivational slogans, shrill screeds on morality, pop psychology, desperate misunderstanding of religion and bumper sticker politics embedded in photographs and displayed in an echo chamber.  Oversharing pictures and status updates lead one to wonder about the mental health of the majority of the users, and wondering whether any of the gay ones own a shirt.

And on the other hand, kittens.

The rules of etiquette apply just as much there as anything that happens in real life, and for any infractions, they will now have your very own words and photographs to back it up.

I think you should treat others as you would like to be treated, and be respectful of other people.  I don’t think you should utilize the tools it provides to customize your user experience so the terrible instance of seeing a political slogan you disagree with never ever happens.  It is good to know what your enemies think.  Unless the person posting it constantly.  Can we have some kittens please?

There are unwritten rules about using social networking sites, in that you have to use them socially.  You can talk about what you’re doing (or more likely, what you’re selling) at a cocktail party, too, but that’s not the only thing you can ever talk about.

Likewise, standing around shouting while holding a cardboard sign isn’t how you make a proper introduction or enter into the debate of ideas.  Doesn’t work online, either.

But most of all, like all good things, it’s best enjoyed in moderation.  Get outside, get some sun, volunteer somewhere.  It’s lovely for people to click “like” when you say something clever online, but it’s much more satisfying to click with someone you really like in real life.


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