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A concerned host notes:

A few weeks ago at a dinner party, one of my friends got very sick.  He kept getting up to go to the bathroom and was audibly vomiting and… worse.  I really didn’t know what to do, and he wasn’t in a condition to leave for a while.  I asked everyone else to go home and made them to-go containers with leftovers.

Today I got an apology email from my sick friend – and a vicious email from one of the other guests, also a friend, who was insulted that I sent everyone home.  I mean it – he was really angry with me.

Did I make a mistake?  Should I have sent the sick friend home and carried on with the dinner?


Yes, you made a mistake – a terrible one, and long ago, by choosing to be friends with that dreadful person.

Not the sick one – the one that complained.

You were absolutely right to cancel dinner and take care of your ailing friend – it’s an inconvenience and hardly fun, but it’s part of being human, and humane.  To complain about that after the fact is beyond callous.  I can’t imagine what a person must be like on a day to day basis to think that’s even vaguely appropriate.  What kind of self-centered, entitled arrogance must one develop to place one above or ahead of very sick friend?

Your only response to him should be that you are very sorry that he feels that way, but you believed you did the right thing in helping out your friend in need.

Then delete the motherfucker from your phone.


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