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A somewhat misdirected question:

What do you think about microwaves?  I went to a dinner party and you could hear the *ding* of the microwave as the hosts were preparing the food.  It’s disgusting.


What do I think about microwaves?  Not much, really – I don’t have the occasion to use them much as I’m somewhat old fashioned, but I understand they’re quite the coming thing.  I don’t know what your problem is, though – the truly polite person doesn’t even notice the food at a dinner party, much less its preparation.

No, what they notice is the conversation of those with whom they are dining.  They take great pleasure in being included in a circle of friends or being presented with the opportunity to meet new people and learn something about their lives.

I mean, of course, that if you have a serious allergy – peanuts, for example, or shellfish – by all means, tell the host.

But if you’re just a snobby little brat complaining about his dinner, then please just keep a dim smile on your face and take a small portion.  You can stop somewhere to get gourmet whatever it is you eat on the way home.



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