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A note of disbelief:

I’m not a religious person, more atheist than agnostic actually.  I can’t stand it when I’m eating with other people and they want to pray before a meal.  Can I ask them not to pray?  If I don’t hold hands and bow my head and all that they ask about it and it ruins the mood.  And it makes me really uncomfortable.


Would you rather make a whole table of people uncomfortable?  If so, then by all means, ask people not to pray.  I mean, why in the world can’t you just sit there for the thirty seconds it’s going to take to let them say their prayers?  Is your soufflé going to deflate?

And what does it matter if you’re not religious?  They aren’t forcing you to pray, are they? Sure, they may be assuming you are a believer – and you can always correct this misconception.  Later.

It won’t kill you to shut up about it for a minute and just be grateful you’re sitting in front of food as opposed to in front of an empty plate.

And they’re not even talking to you.  So hush.


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