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In the immortal words of Mr. Stephen Fry, “Well, so fucking what?

A polite person will, of course, make every effort not to offend someone intentionally, but that’s where it ends.

Going about in public has its own inherent risk.  It could be that you see a woman breastfeeding.  It could be that you see a gay couple holding hands.  It could be that you hear the word “fuck” in a restaurant.  Each of these can be horrifying to certain people in their own way.  Some people get quite carried away and then go about carrying signs and hollering.

But the world of etiquette is a two way street.  Since you are not technically permitted to notice the dress (or undress) of people with whom you are not acquainted, you wouldn’t have the indecency to point out a bared breast.  And you can’t criticize the table manners of an infant…only the parents and I can do that.  Indeed you are not permitted to speak to strangers at all save for social pleasantries (good morning) and glib apologies (excuse me, please, so sorry) and to aid those in distress (CALL 911!!!).

The same goes for other people’s conversation.  It doesn’t matter what they are saying, nor where – only the volume can be addressed and only if it causing a disruption in a shared space (like the aforementioned restaurant) or otherwise silent area (a movie theater, for example, or a library)((a library is a big room filled with books)((books are the things from which movies are now made)(usually comic books)))).

And if homos holding hands hurts your feelings, you really need to get out more.  Or just stay home.

But the overarching theme to this, dear blighted soul, tormented with offenses far and wide, is to mind your own fucking business.  No one else can really say that to you because it’s quite impolite.  Don’t like it?

Go read something else.

Do you see how well that works?



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