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An ungrateful ingrate whines:

My brother in law – who has a LOT of money – always gives us the cheesiest and tackiest presents imaginable.  We have a lot of tasteful decorative things in our home, and it’s like he’s never even been there.  He could afford to buy much nicer presents, and I’ve half a mind to tell him so.


A whole half?  I wouldn’t think you had that much to spare.  But you do seem the overly generous sort.

And since there doesn’t seem to be a question in there, I’ll invent a few.

Should you ever take into consideration a person’s income when receiving a gift?

Does a present have to be in one’s chosen “taste” to be considered acceptable?

Is it ever acceptable, come to think of it, to criticize the presents or the soul who brought them to you?

No.  No.  Aaaaand….no.

Not that it will make any difference to you.  I imagine you float from one self-invented slight to another, huffing and indignant, surrounding yourself with a small, awful clique of like (and I say this quite wrongly) minded individuals who echo your obnoxious despair – chortling and tutting over things like taste and money and awful presents.  Far be it for you to plumb the oily depths of what passes for your conscience to find a glint of humor, or forbearance for people without such a finely honed style.  I’m even willing to bet your vaulted ceiling McMansion positively reeks of grasping middle class desperation.  Your life is cheerless, your marriage is loveless, and your kids are poorly raised.  You consume and complain and numb your senses with delusions of superiority.

Or you could just be an asshole.

Either way, please make sure you send your brother in law a thank you note.


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