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A final wedding etiquette question before we move on to something truly appalling:

I am getting married in 4 months.  The R.s.v.p.s for the reception are coming in, and I have not one, not two – but three different people who are responding for more people than were invited.  One of them, a couple I should say, indicated they were bringing 5 additional people, for a total of 7!  I called them and they told me they were hosting out of town guests with two kids and so they were bringing them and their own daughter.  I don’t want to be unkind, and I love children, but just for the consideration of space alone we can’t invite every child our friends have!  And we can’t make exceptions for one and not the other.  What do I do!?


Do you see?  Do you see that?  I’m looking at you, yesterday – do you see what havoc you’ve wrought!?

My dear, the only thing you can do is to call your friends right back and tell them what you told me.  Here’s the script –

“Janice?  Hi – it’s Florence.  Hi, yeah – Oh, I’m doing fine…thank you…and so is Alfred.  And you?  And how’s Byron?  The little one?  Oh, good.  Listen, I received your R.s.v.p. and I had to call and talk to you – honey, I love you, and I desperately want you to come – but I really – we – really can’t afford to invite our friends’ children, and certainly not our friends’ friends.  And even if money were no object, we just don’t have the space for everyone.  Please, don’t hate me – but can I just put you and Byron down?”

This is dreadful, but you’re backed into a corner.  No one should ever, ever R.s.v.p. for more than the people who have their names written or engraved on the invitation.  *glare*

Be thankful you only have to make three calls.

So far.



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