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A much put upon soul informs us:

I have a friend who will send me a single text message, like, inviting me somewhere, and if I don’t respond she freaks out.  She doesn’t call my cell, she doesn’t call my home, she doesn’t email…what can I tell her?


“You need to quit,” obviously, and perhaps “Shut the fuck up”?

If she has that much trouble when you don’t write her back, I’m afraid you’re in for a world of heartbreak.  Either keep your phone within your sight at all times as to never miss one of her oh so important text messages, or just – you know – have a life and don’t sweat it.

And don’t tell her to shut the fuck up.  That’s rude.  But perhaps let her know that the best way to reach you, if she doesn’t hear back text-wise in fifteen minutes or so, is a phone call.

Oooh, send that information to her in a text!


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