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A political personage pontificates:

I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat – I can’t stand the way people are saying “Oh, what’s Pat Robertson gonna say when the hurricane hits the RNC in Tampa,” or “We prayed to God to make the hurricane turn away, and now it has,” or anything like that.  I think it’s so mean-spirited and downright rude.


And theologically shaky.

What does it mean that this particular hurricane has already killed some number of people…was God just bowling with storms?  Were they practice pins?  And then he decides to move it to New Orleans like some kind of Katrina Memorial service.

He still ruined everyone’s fun, though.

One side doesn’t get to see the other hoisted by their own petard, and the other doesn’t get quite the smiting for which it was praying.  It is still awfully impolite to wish death and destruction upon someone else if it can spare you the inconvenience.

Imagine what that means.  I hesitate to wade into the diluvian waters of Biblical interpretation, but I think we can point out, etiquette wise, ways to respond.  I think a quiet “I don’t wish either side harm, but would rather see the entirety of democracy taken seriously and be allowed to play out,” ought to do it.  If that doesn’t sort it out, you can say “I have relatives in (Tampa) (New Orleans) (Wherever the strike zone is that is gleefully anticipated to be inundated).  It’s not a lie – we’re all relatives at this point in human history.

Which brings me to the final point – how in the world have we ever got to such partisan sniping that we raise imprecatorial voices as opposed to having open, rational discussions about how to regulate and support our society?

I don’t care that it’s happened since the first time Og grabbed a rock and smashed Bog on the head for his piece of mammoth meat.  That was 10,000 years ago.  It’s high time we cut it out.

And that is a collective need to quit.


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