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A curious cat calls out for killing with:

So the post earlier today made me wonder…what would be the best possible new neighbor welcome present?  Homemade cookies?  A pie?  Liquor?  And what’s with the salt??


I was thinking about the very same thing.  What a good idea they had, even if it was dreadfully received.  Let’s start with their idea, and add some of our own.

Start with a pretty basket or masculine wicker box (I never thought masculine and wicker would be in the same sentence) – or, you know – even an old milk carton.  Something to put stuff in that it would neat to keep but OK to donate to a thrift store (if appropriate) or dispose of properly (perhaps at the next company Christmas Party?);

Add to that:

1 small bottle of (hippie, organic, whatever) glass cleaner, a roll of paper towels (the recycled kind, if you’re so inclined, or good cleaning cloths…yeah…those).

1 box cutter, 2 average screwdrivers (Phillips head and regular), a hammer and some small nails

1 roll of toilet paper, 1 scented candle (nothing overpowering, just enough to deal with *ahem* moving mustiness)

1 bottle of Champagne or red wine, and two flutes or glasses

An assortment of healthy-ish snacks: energy bars, crackers, nuts, pita chips, etc.;

And I love the idea of giving them a loaf of bread and a box of salt.  That’s the traditional housewarming gift, and since absolutely no-one but me knows that, they’ll be completely perplexed, it will be a mystery they’ll have to solve and they’ll think you’re intriguing in the meanwhile.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

If you’re feeling particularly useful, you could make a small list of generic contact information for the friendly neighbors around you, a list of restaurants and grocery stores, perhaps some take out menus from your neighborhood restaurants (or whoever is willing to deliver to your God-forsaken suburb other than pizza).  List of plumbers, electricians, whatever.  Handy things.  A couple of good books.  A magazine.  Huh…this is starting to get a little unwieldy.

I think I’ll put together a definitive list, maybe like a little checklist for you to print off…with spaces for the information to be filled in or noted as attached.  I’ve put that in my queue, so don’t hold your breath.  Use this as an example of what would be nice, and make it your own.

I’d welcome any ideas you’d like to share!

Mmmm – good ideas, that is.


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