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An armed inquiry:

I have several firearms in my house – two pistols, two rifles and a shotgun.  I keep them all cleaned, maintained and loaded (except for the shotgun).  Do I have an obligation to tell guests about them?  I know some people have an objection to being in a house with guns.


Some people have an objection to being in a house with pornography in it as well, but I assume you keep that out of sight and in safe *ahem* hands, as it were, yes?

Beyond that, you should keep your shotgun clean if you’re going to have it loaded.  No one likes a dirty little shotgun.

No, you do not have an obligation to tell anyone about anything in your house that is not going to have any ramifications on their visit.  Exceptions would include things like illegal drugs, because it’s their jail sentence, too; and cats, because they might be allergic.  Same if you happen to messily eat lots of peanut butter and shellfish.  You get the idea – if it’s going to kill them or make them sneeze, let them know.  But if the only way they’d find your cleaned and loaded shellfish – I mean drugs – wait…cats?

No – the only way they’re going to find your guns, clean or dirty, is by going through your personal things.

You should least have the decency to hide it under all that porn.



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