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A frustrated shopper writes:

I like to peruse craigslist to look for neat things that one doesn’t generally find at the stores.  Most of the time it goes ok, you meet someone new and get something cool for cheap, but increasingly I’ve just been left hanging out to dry.  Would you classify standing someone up for a business transaction of this sort as rude as standing someone up for a date?  And then they never return your emails.


I think it’s possible more rude to stand up a date, because then you get heartbreak and low self esteem with your penny saved, wherein here you get frustration, but not of the sort that one generally thinks of as life altering.

I’m afraid that as long as they make teenagers and human nature being what it is, you’re going to get pranks and flakes with the advent of any new medium – I can’t wait for telepathic prank calls.  But it is still quite rude.

So if it helps the cause it all, I pronounce it so – Flaking On Online Business Transactions is Rude.  SPQR and all that jazz.

A word of caution:

Please beware any transactions made with people you don’t know.  No matter what it is, ask to be met in a public place, don’t carry any more cash than you plan to spend on this and carry it in a fake wallet, with your ID and Credit Cards locked safely in your trunk or something.  I don’t mean to be a scare-monger, but people are generally hideous when it comes to money, so you have to protect yourself.  Bring a friend if you can.

One who knows Krav Maga.


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