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A sleepy soldiering on:

How do you make people leave your house when it’s “time”?  My wife’s co-workers come over every once in a while and stay until waaaay after I’m ready to go to bed.


I don’t see where one has to do with another.  Go to bed, then – let your wife have her fun.

Can you actually not sleep while people are over?  Are they loud, or are you incredibly sensitive, verging on finicky?

A little of each?

First, ascertain how your wife feels about the situation.  If she wants to have people over until all hours, then you need to sort out a compromise.

Second, perhaps she’s just as miserable as you, and can’t wait for them to leave, but doesn’t know how to say it.  The phrase you’re both looking for is “Oh, my, look at the time.  It’s been wonderful having you – should I call you a cab?”  Do this 15-20 minutes before you’d normally think about calling a divorce lawyer or a hit squad.

Allow yourself the flexibility to keep it going if the party is just a blast, but also have the stand-by plan of fortitude against lingering liquor hounds.

A good tip is to invite people for a finite period of time.  Tell them to come over from 7 – 9 and know that means 8 – 10.  Kick them out at 10.  Clean up, blow out the candles, turn off the stereophonic sound equipment, and go take a shower.



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