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A delightful question:

What is the right thing to buy for a housewarming present when the people have everything they need already?


Most people would default to a scented (stinking) candle, so I appreciate your asking.  The traditional gifts are bread and salt, though symbolic gifts could include coins, knives and wine.

Think about that for a second.  Imagine what society was like…

OK, done thinking.  I think a lovely box of fleur de sel would be a great present, harking back to tradition and providing supreme usefulness to the new homeowner.  Any non-perishable, relatively long-lasting or luxury foodstuffs are also appropriate – a treat in the middle of what is always a laborious exercise.

If you absolutely must get them a bloody candle, make sure they’re the type of people who like air pollution, and if not, get something unscented.

Or easily regiftable.


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