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A question that does not need to be asked:

What do you say when someone paints their house a color you can’t stand?


Did they ask your opinion?  No?  Then you don’t say anything.

They did?  Uh-oh.

Then lie, and tell them it’s lovely.  Quickly add that it’s not a color you’d choose, but now you can see why they like it.  Then lie again, and say “It really is lovely.”


This rule applies to all amateur artists, “quirky” fashion choices, unusual decorating themes… basically anything where it’s not going to hurt anyone or destroy a career.  The recipe is the same every time – lie, disavow then pivot, then lie again.

“That’s really lovely.  I don’t think I would have a picture of a naked screaming Japanese lady in my house, but I see where you’re coming from.  Just lovely.”

“That’s lovely!  Is the whole dress made out of chicken bones?  I couldn’t pull it off, but it is really you.  Just lovely.”

“Oh my, how lovely!  Sort of a French, 80’s, neo-deco thing…it is not my style, but you’ve made it your own!  Lovely.”

Lovely is the key word here.  You don’t love it, but they do.  So really, the only lie is that you are letting them think you think it’s lovely.

That is a perfectly acceptable lie to tell.



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