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An irritation with the process revealed:

I was at a fundraiser last night and there was a silent auction.  I bid on a painting, was outbid, and bid again.  Then someone signed the guaranteed purchase line – at this point the auction is supposed to be over.  Well, someone else came up and wrote down a number twice as large underneath that!  They were trying to outbid the person who already signed on the dotted line.  I think that’s very rude.


Why do you think that?  It was – correct me if I’m wrong – a fundraiser.  Right?  The organization or entity having this event were trying to raise as many funds as they could, yes?  So it seems like the (usually [probably] drunken) spirit of one-upmanship was quite in order – the order of the night, one might even say.

Anyway, that’s how silent auctions go.  For that matter, that’s how live auctions go.  You keep upping the bid, getting a little thrill every time you raise that paddle or sign your name – and at the end of the night you tote home your swag bag and all the crap you bought and the next morning you nurse your hangover and try to figure out to whom you’ll be passing these things off as Christmas gifts.

We’ve all been there.


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