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A sensitive eater asks:

What do I do when someone serves me something I just can’t eat?


Can’t?  Or won’t?

Or won’t like?

If you can’t eat it – like it’s peanuts or something, you just say “Oh, I’m so sorry, I can’t eat nuts,” and just leave it at that.  Tell them you’ll have a double helping of dessert (which I’m sure, to your pleasure, will be chock full of them).

If you won’t because you’re a fraidy cat, then cut it out.  Eat a miniscule portion of what is served to you, and who knows!?

If you won’t because you know you won’t like it – then the key to success here is to say “No, thank you,” before it is served.  Most servants know not to press guests on trying the soufflé du melon and egg yolk supreme, and most hosts know not to notice.

If you find yourself at one of those horrid little dumps without servants, then just pass over the dish as it is passed around.  And – as is more likely – the dishes are just plopped on a buffet or served family style – the same thing holds.  Just don’t take any.

How hard is this?  How hard is it to say “No, thank you”???

I have a feeling we’ll be coming back to this again.


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