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A misplaced soul suggests:

I am on a small volunteer committee for the county, about 10 people.  I joined a few months ago, and we only meet once a month, so I don’t know anyone’s name!  I was introduced at my first meeting, but after that a month passed before I saw anyone again.  I think I’m going to suggest that we start wearing name tags.  What do you think?


I think I’m for smaller government with fewer regulations, less bureaucracy and less paperwork.  Is there some particular reason you can’t reach out your own dainty mitt and introduce yourself, properly, to the people with whom you serve?

Or are you trying to save yourself embarrassment?  You know, they probably don’t care.  Just go up to them and say, “You know, I don’t know your name.  I remember the point of order you made about the fishing license exemption tax…” or whatever deadly dull thing they put citizen busybodies up to nowadays, and even mention you’re terribly embarrassed.  They’ll go out of their way to reassure you, they’ll provide an anecdote of when they were in the same situation, they’ll be impressed by your forthrightness and honesty (is that a chairmanship I see on your horizon?) and best of all – no one will have to fill out another form.

That admittedly only requires one word, but still.


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