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An unheard plea:

My husband has a habit of walking away from me or suddenly starting to talk to me from a different room.  I can’t hear him!  So I say “What?” all the time and he gets frustrated.  He said he’s tired of me always saying What or I’m sorry or whatever…he never seems to think about how frustrating it is for me!  PLEASE tell me what to do to get my point across.


Ignore him.  Literally ignore him when he starts speaking from another room or as he’s walking away.  If it’s important, he’ll come find you.  If it isn’t, then it’s no big deal.

Oh, I can hear the conversation now…

“But I told you to pick up some cruelty-free organic blueberries!”

“Oh, I’m sorry honey – when was that!?”

or husband finally comes in the room: “Hello!?  I asked you what’s for dinner?”

Wife ignores mention of previous possible questions: “Why, whatever you’re cooking, sweetheart!”


The only possible problem is if you have a particularly spontaneous spouse who is liable to accept dinner invitations and make plans without your consent, though they might make a half-hearted attempt to ask you (which you’ll be ignoring, right?), and then you’ll find yourself caught up in the social whirl, too busy to be apart from each other much (other than at dinner parties, where you won’t be seated together anyway) and you can catch up afterward on the ride home, and your problem will be solved.

Oh, unless he decides to do the same thing the next time you call out for toilet paper.



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