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An unhappy homeowner relates:

We’ve recently purchased and renovated a house and thankfully didn’t have to live there during that process.  We’re moved in, and are now in the process of finishing up the last few little things.  So every few days or so we have one or two workers or project managers stop in to repair something or touch up paint, things like that.  The difference is that before it was just an empty house – now we’re fully moved in.  The last time they were here, I walked in on the project manager taking photographs of one of our pieces of art.  I just stood there… When he noticed me, he shamelessly asked “Do you mind if I take a picture of this painting?  I really like it.”  I thought it was shocking and unprofessional – and I intend to talk to the owner (who is a good friend), but in the moment I was at a loss for words.  What would you have said?


“Another one?”


“I do.”

Come to think of it, these responses are also frequently heard at weddings.

The fact that the owner is a good friend somewhat explains why this particular creep thought it was ok to invade your privacy and snap photos inside your house.  Familiarity breeds contempt, I believe, and his behavior is indeed contemptible.  It violates privacy, trust – probably a few clauses in your contract… and so on.  The owner, your friend, will definitely want to hear about this, so don’t pull any punches about what happened, what you said (or didn’t say) and how it made you feel.

Because his actions were totally fucking awful.


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