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Back-aching, a guest writes:

I recently stayed with a friend (of a friend) who had a sleeper sofa.  It was a new, very expensive thing from a designer store, and he was obviously quite proud of it…but it was horribly uncomfortable.  That morning, he asked me how I slept, and I’m afraid I was honest and told him it was pretty bad, and he looked crestfallen.  I didn’t want to be rude, but I didn’t want to be dishonest.  What could I have said?


Just say “Like a rock.”  He doesn’t have to know that you meant you felt like you slept on one.

He should leave it there, and so should you.  Sofa beds are never comfortable, no matter how much they cost.  If he stupidly persists and asks if the couch was comfortable, you can say “Oh, it’s wonderfully firm.  I’m used to a softer mattress, but if you like firm it’s heaven!”  All other entreaties are met with “It was fine!  Thank you!  No, please, stop – it was fine!” until he stops asking.

The next time you visit, just tell him you need to stay in a hotel because of your acid reflux or something.


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