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Blindingly obvious, really:

My neighbors are selling their house, and real estate agents letting people in turn on all the lights.  They’ve left one on now for days – on the outside.  It’s a floodlight that points directly into my backyard and into my window at night.  What can I do?


Don’t you have a slingshot?  Oh, do get one – they’re a cheap and fun diversion to common sense, which would tell you to slip a little note under the door asking them to turn the light off instead of hurling little rubber band propelled rocks at the offensive installation.  Actually, I think a note would be rather more effective if you unscrew the light bulb and tape the note to it and pop it in their mailbox.

Perhaps you can’t write.  In my neighborhood, when we have houses for sale, they put up little signs in the yard with numbers on them so you can use a telephone and call people to ask to see the house, or buy it if you’re really intrepid.  I wouldn’t suggest you purchase the house to alleviate the problem, but perhaps calling them and asking them to sort it out would generate some sort of system wide awareness in the realtor world, like a glitch in the matrix.

Failing all those things, you could close your blinds.  Or your eyes.


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