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Temptation asks:

I met this guy through friends and we kind of hit it off.  He just asked me if I wanted to see the porn he was in!  He’s also been texting me and asking me to hang out…I have a boyfriend – so does he – so nothing like a date, but I don’t know if it would be cool with my boyfriend.


Oh, dude, come ON.  No, really, it’s a come on.  And you know damn good and well it wouldn’t be OK with your boyfriend.  Unless y’all have a modern thing, which it does not sound like you do.

But once again, I’m failing to see the etiquette question in this mess.

You know, 100 years ago when I started this column, the first Hollywood film had just been made – but they’d been making dirty movies for two decades.  I remember a letter I got back then:

“A young woman of my acquaintance has suggested I may enjoy watching her perform in a pornographic film.  Afterwards, we are to drink intoxicating beverages in an ale house or public tavern.  I should like to go, but I wonder what I should tell my wife?”

The answer today is the same as the answer then.  Nothing, because you’re not going to go.  Or everything, because then you have nothing to hide.

Another option is a double date.

Sounds enchanting.


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