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A picky eater asks:

I don’t like French food, but most of my friends do.  Every dinner out we end up going to one of three or four French places they all really like.  I go along and have a salad, but then I end up spending a lot more than I wanted when we split the bill and they’ve all had appetizers and everything.  How can I tell them I don’t like French food and would rather go somewhere else?


It’s a particularly complicated piece of etiquette you’re asking me.  Try this:

“Hey guys – you know, I don’t really like French food.  Can we go somewhere else?”

…did that work?

Oh, good.  I’m sure you had a list of five or so restaurants in your back pocket you were able to supply when they all turned their singular œil in your discontented direction.

Don’t complain about a problem unless you have a solution.

And now you do.



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