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Curiosity killed more than cats.

I love etiquette.  I love the idea that there exists a way to comprehend what we should do even if we have no idea why.  

And why is that important?

Because you need to start somewhere.  Finding that square inch of common ground between yourself and a total stranger is the crucial, egalitarian and true first step towards any kind of relationship, communication, interaction and understanding you could possibly hope to have.

I’m also quite fond of the way etiquette suctions out a most of the selfishness and self… pity, consciousness and regard that makes us so insufferable to be around.

It’s as if we’ve had one hundred thousand years of solitude instead of civilization – we’re still banging on about “What’s in it for me?” as opposed to “How may I help you?”

It’s not even that hard.  It’ll take you longer to fish a curly hair out of your mouth than to find out that the two most important things you’ll ever learn how to say are “Yes, please” and “No, thank you.”