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Category Archives: Anathema


An understated and understood undoing: I can not believe I am writing this.  I went to dinner at the home of a new aquaintance (sic) who is a rather eccentric artist.  The food was good but wierdly (sic) prepared.  Things like sweet potatoes stuffed with poached fish and salad made out of raw beets.  Anyway, […]



A mercantile exploration from an intrepid online shopper: I recently purchased a piece of furniture on craigslist.  I got the cash, drove to the location (the parking lot of a big box store) at the appointed time and waited.  And waited.  And they never showed up. And from the purveyor of fine goods: What do […]



One of the absolute worst things you can do is correct, in public, the behavior, actions or speech of another adult without their having asked your opinion.  Your opinion doesn’t really matter anyway, mine does, but that’s neither here nor there.  The moment you say to someone “That’s rude!” you have officially committed the more […]