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“We’ll deal with that tomorrow…” Or the Next Day Or the next.  Sigh.  Time slips away. OK…a recap: According to our most recent correspondent – dinner guests show up: They criticized the size of our house, saying it was too small.  They didn’t like our dog, they called the china kitschy, and said how nice […]



A criticized creature reports: I am finishing up a let’s call it a creative project.  I have shared it with some of my friends and the reaction has been mostly positive.  Then out of the blue at a dinner party one of my friends said it was boring!  It took me aback and I didn’t […]



An understated and understood undoing: I can not believe I am writing this.  I went to dinner at the home of a new aquaintance (sic) who is a rather eccentric artist.  The food was good but wierdly (sic) prepared.  Things like sweet potatoes stuffed with poached fish and salad made out of raw beets.  Anyway, […]



A political personage pontificates: I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat – I can’t stand the way people are saying “Oh, what’s Pat Robertson gonna say when the hurricane hits the RNC in Tampa,” or “We prayed to God to make the hurricane turn away, and now it has,” or anything like that.  I […]